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Lose Your Man Boobs

June 14th, 2010

Gynescomastia also known as man boobs can affect both adolescent and elderly males. If you have this condition you know how hard it can be to lose your man boobs. Not to mention the shame, embarrassment and self-esteem that more often than not is accompanied with man boobs.

A very common misconception is that people that have Gynescomastia are fat or even obese males who live a lazy lifestyle, but this is often not the case. Many males eat a well balanced diet and workout often, some even have six packs. You might think that you can lose your man boobs by completing chest workout exercises at the gym or even a home chest workout. Some individuals will be lucky and they will simply “grow out” of it with time, but this doesn’t happen in all cases.

There are several different treatment options out there some better than others. Many doctors are prescribing drugs to their patients but the medications are not universally approved for the treatment of Gynescomastia. Not too mention how expensive these pills can be and some end up doing more harm than good. When the problem persists and the medication doesn’t help there are many doctors that will suggest surgery as an option. As you can imagine this solution is very expensive and many insurance companies will deny such a surgery as they consider it to be cosmetic. Another option to consider a compression garment and although they may reduce the visibility of the man boobs they certainly don’t cure the condition and still leave many men feeling emasculated.

If you are suffering trying to lose your man boobs then you certainly need to weight out your options and keep in mind the risks and danger vs benefits of the treatment approach.

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